Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm back!

Wow, it's been so long that Blogger now has a completely new look. As I sit here completely confused as to what all of this new stuff is, I'm trying to think of something witty and exciting to say. Where do I begin? I last posted on February 17th. A lot has happened in the past, what, almost THREE months? For starters, we are now expecting baby number THREE! We are beyond thrilled and can not wait to meet our newest addition on or around October 14th. We found out at the beginning of February and have been telling the girls about the new baby in Mommy's belly. Hannah is very aware and I believe she totally understands that a new little one will be joining our family. Sarah likes to lift up my shirt and kiss my belly...when she's not violently poking it. ;) We will find out what we're having in the next few weeks, and I'll be sure to keep up with my posting to at least announce it. Life has been so busy lately, and I haven't had the motivation or the want to to keep up with the blog. When I get like that, I find it best to leave it alone until the "creative streak" returns. I've tried to force it in the past, and it ended in an abandoned space on the internet. I still refer back to it to read up on what life was like with just one baby. The memories are sweet and I'm so glad they were documented, but I do wish I had taken a break when I felt the need so as to not abandon the blog altogether when I got tired of typing. The weather has been crazy here in Pennsylvania, going from the 40's and 50's to the mid 80's within a matter of days. We take advantage of the warm days and spend time outdoors. The girls got a swingset for Christmas and Micah and my Dad recently built it in the backyard. The girls love to play on the swings and in the playhouse. They are becoming pros at climbing the steps to the slide. I can't believe how independent they are each becoming. It's happening so quickly! On the way to a friend's house a few weeks ago, we pulled over to the side of their driveway and Hannah posed for a few pictures.
Sarah is at that tough age for pictures. I feel like I have next to none of Hannah at this age and the trend is continuing with Sarah. She's too quick! She does smile and say "Cheese" when I ask, but by the time I press the shutter, she's already fifteen steps ahead of me. I take what I can get these days!
The easiest way to get a picture of Sarah these days is like this:
or this:
She is Pap's girl. Most days she wakes up calling for him and has even called his cell phone from mine. She's too smart! It's always funny when I hear her gabbing away only to find that she really has someone on the other line listening! I'll leave you all with that. I promise to try to update way more often than I have the past few months. School is almost out, so things will be settling down here for a few months! Happy Monday Eve!