Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inspired? Maybe.

As I sit on the couch next to Hannah watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I think how few days we have...just the two of us. When Daddy's at work, it's just "us girls". It won't be long before there will be three!
Micah asked me this morning if I was excited. Am I? I am excited about holding a newborn...my newborn. I'm excited about meeting her, seeing her, getting to know her...my daughter. I'm excited to watch the bond form between her and Hannah...the sisterly bond I've never experienced, but longed for. I am excited.
The daunting task of labor and delivery has me a little distraught. Going in the first time, you have no clue what you've gotten yourself into. With the second, and any subsequent pregnancies thereafter, you know.
I've been think a lot about the work. After all, it is work. After having contractions on and off for the last two weeks thanks to dehydration from the stomach flu, I feel as though I've been in early labor for days. That's the easy part. I got an epidural at four centimeters with Hannah, and even then, I'm not sure how much more I could have handled. The pain is pretty intense.
I'm worried about the epidural. With Hannah, the first one didn't work and I was left with contractions on just my right side. Then I had issues with my blood pressure skyrocketing to 178/120. That in itself makes you feel lousy.
And the pushing. I remember looking at Micah and begging him to count faster. It was so hard. But I made it through. I felt empowered after giving birth. Like I had accomplished something so great, and I had. I was ready to do it all again the day after she was born.
Yes, I had battle wounds to prove I had taken on the task. I was bruised, sore, hunched over when I walked, and emotionally unstable. But it was so very worth it. They say you forget the pain, and you do. But getting this close, I do remember. I'm ready. I'm empowered. I'm excited. I'm going to be myself this time, and let my body do what comes naturally without the fear of Micah thinking less of me. How silly anyway. After all, I'm delivery his baby, and I know he loves me...unconditionally. We've come a long way in the past 20 months. I'm ready. All systems go...as soon as little one decides it's time!

And on to lighter things...
Joann's is having a sale on minkie fabrics. And I want them. All of them. All of the colors. I almost gasped when I went to their website and saw the sale. It is just what I need to make baby girl's blanket. I know I'm supposed to be saving every dime for closing on the new house...but would a few yards of minkie fabric really be that harmful?!?! Oh, and maybe a nice pair of dressmaker's shears. :X
Still no word on a closing date for our house. Still praying it's the 16th...so I'm not in labor, or in the hospital, and so I can put up my Christmas tree and decorations. Oh please, let it be the 16th!

Monday, November 29, 2010

New blog, first post!

Well, I've done it! I'm back to blogging, and I wanted to start out fresh. You can read my previous blog here: http://www.mrhpriceprint.blogspot.com

So, where do I start? I'm Rachel, Mommy to Hannah (and another one on the way!), wife to Micah, and new found photography/embroidery/sewing enthusiast. Funny, huh? I'm a master of none of the above "hobbies", but hopefully will improve my skills in at least one of these. We'll see!
Life here has been crazy busy, as we've been packing up five and a half years of memories and belongings in preparation for our move. Although I've loved our little "gingerbread house", it is time to move on from here. We need the extra bedrooms, the bigger spaces, the storage. I'm looking forward to making it my home.
And maybe it's just because I'm super emotional and sentimental right now (thanks, hormones!), but I keep thinking this new house is going to so change our life for the better...and I truly believe that it will.
I told Micah last night that I couldn't wait to move. To feel the keys in my hands to our new abode. To open the front door and know that it's mine. It's a fresh, new start. I asked him if he thought there would be more time there. I know that time isn't going to stand still, and that the days won't be longer simply because we've moved a few minutes down the road...but it feels like it.
I'll have room for my things...to set up my sewing machine and not have it tucked away in a box under our computer desk in the den. I'll have a kitchen right off of my family room where I can prepare home-cooked goodness while Hannah and our newest one play.
There is a huge yard, too. It's park-like and beautiful...tree-filled and shaded. It has a cute walkway of omni-stone that leads to the backyard from the patio. I just can't wait to enjoy it in the spring.
And Christmas...oh Christmas! Even though we are completely unsure of whether or not we'll be moved in for Christmas, I know how I'd decorate. Where I'd put the tree. How we'd hang the lights outside. Where our mini lighted trees would go. I can see it now...and I want to be there. Right there in the middle of it all. In my new house with my big girl, and my newest little girl.
And that's all I have to say about that. ;)

Now I'm off to get my last haircut before the new baby arrives. I love "lasts". The kind where you know something grand and exciting awaits. This is my last haircut before we bring our new baby home. See, told you I was over sentimental right now!
With that, I bid you farewell. Go enjoy your day! :)