Monday, April 19, 2010


I've finally finished Hannah's birthday post! (it's a few posts below, as I started writing it on her actual birthday)
I had planned to incorporate her first birthday party post into that one as well, but I have given up trying to finish the thing, so I just published it as is. I have so many cute pictures from her party and I know I need to post them!

As far as our week is going here in the Price's been rather difficult! Hannah's two top incisors have STILL not broken through the gums and she has been quite miserable for several days now. Last week she had a low-grade fever and was overly fussy and discontent. Nap time and bedtime has been interesting to say the least. I've been slowly weaning her for the last month or so, and cutting out our last feeding *sigh* before bed probably wasn't the best idea during a furious run of teething.
Speaking of it wrong for me to feel so sad? I know it's time as Hannah gets more frustrated nightly because there just isn't much left. I haven't nursed her before bed for the last two nights and the thought that the last time I may have nursed my baby has come and gone makes my heart ache a little. For the last few weeks, I've been trying to savor our time together, not knowing when the last time would be.
We had such a routine down that Hannah knows what is missing and isn't shy about letting us know she's not happy. Every night for several months it was the same: grab the burp cloth, nurse, turn on the fan in our room, close the blinds and curtains in her room, then turn her music on. Kisses and hugs came next, followed by bedtime prayers, then to bed. I've gone to great lengths to hide the Boppy. If I walk into our bedroom before bed and she spots it, it's all over. Not to be overly sentimental, but it's going to be hard to finally put that pillow in storage. Hannah and I spent so much time together with that pillow...hours and hours and hours. We bonded like I couldn't have imagined.
No matter how bad the day was or how fussy she was, or how many hours we were awake at night...whenever she'd nurse, it would all fade away and everything was made okay, even for a few short minutes.
It makes me sad when she cries and needs comforted and I know I can't offer her that kind of comfort anymore. It's been a while since I've nursed spontaneously during the day, but now that this chapter in our relationship as Mother and Daughter is coming to a close, it brings back all of the memories.
I am so thankful we were able to nurse as long as we did. Hannah latched on immediately after birth and never once had a problem. Neither did I. Except for a two day bout with a plugged duct, I never had supply issues or infections, and for that I am so grateful.
Because she no longer finds comfort in nursing, she's begun to cuddle in different ways. She has started to lay her head on my shoulder when she's tired. She even fell asleep on me a few weeks ago...that hasn't happened for a very long time.
It's hard to watch my sweet baby girl grow up. She's getting so big and so smart everyday. There are times I just sit and watch her; pulling up to stand on her toys, eating cheerios and reaching for her sippy of milk to get a drink (by herself), "brushing" her teeth and her hair, pointing to anything and everything she wants, and giving kisses and hugs to Micah and me. How much she's learned in just one year.

Well, goodnight :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I think I'll finally upload a few pictures...

I've whipped out the camera a few times in the last few days and I was able to get a few nice shots outside. The weather has been crazy up here in Western Pa, but there have been a few warm days recently and I have taken advantage of them!!
There are so many pictures I want to share from the last week or so! I'll start with the most recent first.
My Dad came over for a visit the other day, so I threw a blanket in the grass, and we hung out in the sun for a bit!
Pardon the picture quality. A few of these are pretty bright, but too cute not to post...and I'm not one to do much with editing. I had my settings set for indoor pictures. Oops!
Hangin' out with Pap!

She loves to pick the dandelions in the yard!

Soaking up the rays!

Patrick was being bad, so he was banned to the far side of our yard.

I recently bought Hannah a new sunhat (as her ones from last summer were way too small!) and we had the perfect weather to try it out!
Once again, I forgot to change my settings before taking pictures outside, so I apologize for the poor quality!

Lovin' the hat!

These next few are just random ones I've taken from the end of March to beginning of April.

Hannah has started "peaking" under our throw rug in the living room. She'll try to hide blocks and other toys under there! So funny!

She LOVES the Laugh & Learn Learning House we bought her for her birthday! She has played with it for AT LEAST an hour a day since her birthday party! It is truly worth EVERY penny we paid!

That's about it for us this week! Tomorrow I'm going for a mani/pedi and I'm SO excited! I haven't had a pedicure since a few days before I went into labor...and as far as the last time I've had a manicure...I think my best friend's wedding in 2007. I'm due! So excited to be pampered!
Have a great week!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A weekly post...

...and here it is! No pictures, sorry. I do have some to post, but I just don't have the patience to upload and re-arrange right now. If anyone knows of an easier, quicker way to upload pictures, (Becca from "The Paro Post" always has a ton of pictures that are larger in size...I have to say I wish my blog were as high-tech and pretty as yours!!)and enlarge them, I'm all ears!
As far as the actual picture-taking goes, I've become increasingly frustrated with myself and my lack of knowledge for my new DSLR camera. I made an investment on the camera, an extra lens, the UV filters, a bag...and plan to add a speedlight and an additional lens in the future...and I feel that I'm doing myself a dis-service to not learn more about this amazing piece of equipment.
My pictures aren't terrible, at least in my mind, but I miss a good amount of potentially adorable shots because my settings aren't right. I end up with blurred pictures because of camera shake, or an extremely dark picture even with the ISO settings up to 1600 (which then leads to a grainy product). I refuse to use the flash unless it is absolute neccessity (or if the shots I'm trying to catch are too precious to possibly Hannah's birthday party...I PROMISE to finish that post in the near future!)
Anyway, I've been trying to find a good online course on amateur photography. I've found one that I'm really interested in, but it comes with a small price tag ($14.99) and I really want to make sure it's legit (I've done some research and it appears that it is...type in DSLR guide in the google browser and it should pull it up). I liked this particular lesson plan because it allows the student to have as much time as needed to complete the lesson. This is what I need. There are few ocassions when I have a minute to actually sit and read, let alone absorb and retain the information I'm reading.
Speaking of me being highly distracted...:) Hannah is walking all over the house! She's still most comfortable holding onto the wall, her push-toy, and most preferably, one of my hands, but she's getting there! The other night, she walked almost the whole way around our dining room table before she realized she was on her own and promptly found a seat on the floor.
I can't believe she'll be 13 months old on the 22nd. Where did the time go?! Last year at this time she was just a few weeks old. I still can't believe she's all mine and I get to raise her and watch her grow for the rest of my life! What a priveledge and an honor!
Well, it's getting late, so I'm going to spend the last few minutes of my day with Micah. He's such a good husband and I cherish the time I get to be with him! :O)
Have a wonderful night and a blessed week!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It has been a while, hasn't it?

I have to admit, since Hannah turned ONE, I've been in another blogging slump. For the last few days I've debated whether or not to worry about it and end my blogging experience.
I don't really want to do that, since it does allow me to write about my day and keep an online scrapbook of my Hannah. I've decided that I will try to blog at least once a week. Whether or not I post pictures will be dependent on the amount of time I have at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I have also been slacking on my picture taking. I'm sure Hannah is thrilled with that, as she has to tire of being chased down by the camera monster!
For the record, I have several posts started in my draft box that just need final touches and pictures (including Hannah's birthday party). When they will be finished, I can't really say.
We've just been enjoying the gorgeous weather here in Western PA the last few weeks, and that has left little time for computer work. Spending our days outside in the sun until the last ray of sunlight disappears behind the hills has been quite relaxing and "just what the doctor ordered" for our cases of cabin fever.
So, please stay posted for future blog posts (of past events!)! Hopefully I can get them finished and posted by the end of the week!