About Me

I'm Rachel, wife to Micah and mommy to Hannah, Sarah, and Noah.

I'm 28 years old, work part time as a Physical Therapist Assistant at an awesome school for children with special needs. I absolutely love my job, and my schedule allows me to be home for my children as well!

My love for photography began years ago with a dinky, hot pink 35mm point and shoot. I think I received it as a gift for my 9th birthday. I've since upgraded to several digital point and shoots, and more recently, my Canon 5dmii that I LOVE!

My children are my favorite subjects to shoot. Chasing a toddler around hoping to capture a decent shot is both challenging and fun! It's amazing how quickly children change and grow. Having images to look back on is something I'll cherish forever. I never want to forget one thing about each stage of their lives and photography has allowed me that luxury.