Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sarah's 1st Birthday Party!

Come on in and join the fun, our little lady just turned ONE!

We did a ladybug theme for Sarah's party. My good friend and assistant party planner/cake decorator is away for the holidays visiting her sister in Scotland (sob), so I was left alone to decorate the cake. I almost threw it in the trash a few times, but I think it turned out okay in the end.

Sarah was thrilled for her party.
This is her new thing. I love it!

Just for fun, a comparison of Hannah at her first birthday party, and Sarah at hers:


We had such a wonderful time with family and friends. Sarah was showered with love and generosity.
Micah took the pics of Sarah opening her presents. Thanks, dear!

Thanks to Mark for manning the camcorder:

We had company until way past the girls' bedtimes, so they really didn't get a chance to play with all of Sarah's new toys. Saturday morning, my living room looked like this:

Thank you to my wonderful family and friends who made Sarah's first birthday party so special! We love you!

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