Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One week.

It's been one week since I last posted.

This past week has been especially trying in relation to this pregnancy. I've had horrible, time-able contractions, an issue with my blood sugar which has now lead me to a very strict, diabetic diet, and just utter exhaustion and discomfort. I hate to wish this time away, but I'm so ready to be done, too.

So where were we?

First, a few from last Tuesday night. I took the girls outside to play. We started out in the yard, then ended up in the driveway. It's a smaller space than our back yard, so I can keep the girls contained much easier, which allows me to sit if I need to.

Of course, we ended the night with an injury. Hannah was running after Sarah and fell. She cut her chin, knee, and arm on the pavement. It's always an adventure at this house!

Wednesday, I started back to work. It was bittersweet, as I love my job, but hate leaving the girls. We hung out on the couch Wednesday night when I got home.

Thursday, we learned more about the letter "A". After she finished her school work, Hannah colored a picture.
Friday, we continued talking about the letter "A". Hannah glued beans onto her worksheet to trace big A and little A. She had so much fun! We also talked more about Noah and the Ark. She made a visor! (I missed focus on this one, but it was too cute to toss!)
I always try to give Sarah something to do while Hannah and I work on her school work. This day, she colored and sorted crayons.
Friday was also the day that I ate Coco Puffs for breakfast, which shot my blood sugar to 208. Can I just say that that has never happened? I've been insulin resistant at random times for the past few weeks, but have been monitoring my blood sugar with a glucometer several times per day. Cereal had never spiked my blood sugar prior to this event.

So, I did what anyone would do when they weren't thinking clearly. I didn't eat anything. An hour and a half after my high reading, I started to feel unwell. My vision was blurring as I was trying to read to the girls, and I started to feel lightheaded. Luckily, I still had enough sense in me to check my blood sugar. Even standing up to walk to the kitchen from the family room proved to be a task and I knew something wasn't right.

Just an hour and a half after my last reading, I had plummeted to 48. Not thinking, I made myself a salad. A salad?! I've worked in the medical field for the past 8 years and have dealt with countless diabetics, yet I couldn't even think straight enough to know to get something sugary!

I called Micah to let him know that I felt like I was dying, and I texted my Mom to let her know. Luckily, my Mom called Micah to rush home from work. I called the doctor, who told me that if I checked it again right then and was still that low to get straight to the hospital. It was then that I realized how serious this was. By the time I checked it again, the half a cookie and glass of pink lemonade had brought me back up to a reasonable 74.

Let me tell you, I hope that never happens again. I'm so glad I thought enough to check my glucose level, and that I wasn't too sick or completely out to get sugar into my system. Being home alone, pregnant, with two small children is not a good combination. Thank goodness this awful diet is regulating my levels quite well. Trust me, though, I'll be glad when this is all a distant memory in a few weeks.

Saturday, my parents were overly concerned about me, so my Dad picked us up and brought us to their house. Hannah and I played with my remote. And no, I don't usually look this unkept.

Can I just say that I feel like I'd be totally content with just my 5dmii, 35L, and wireless remote? We have had so much fun taking self portraits lately.

Sunday was church, then home for lunch and naps. Sarah woke up well before Hannah, so she enjoyed a slice of watermelon while we hung out.

And finally, Monday. Micah was home for Labor Day, so he finished painting the trim in Noah's room. I am so happy to report that everything is painted, and we've begun rearranging and switching furniture in preparation for his arrival. I'm hopeful that the room will be completely finished by this weekend, minus the crib, since Sarah's still sleeping in it.

From Monday, 34 weeks, 1 day pregnant.

We are hopeful that baby Noah will stay put for at least another 2 1/2 weeks!

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