Thursday, July 28, 2011


Life has been SO hectic lately! I've hardly had the time to think, let alone blog. The good news is, I've had the camera out almost daily and have managed to snap quite a few adorable pictures of the girls!
Where do I even begin?
Hannah loves this cheap recorder...
I've so enjoyed my girls these past few days. Life is so different even now than it was a few weeks ago, evidenced by my last post. Sarah has since began sleeping in her own crib for the entire night. I feel like a new person, and honestly, so does she.
Exercising with Grammy...
I love this face! She is too cute!

smooches from Gram

Now that Sarah's walking in the walker, Hannah doesn't leave her side.

Hannah likes to run toward the camera as I try to take her picture.

Speaking of walking...
Time to get out the safety locks again. Meh, it was time to do that anyway, I suppose. We kind of slacked off when we moved into the new house...
Micah was off from work on Wednesday, so we got the girls ready and headed to Lowes for some home improvement items.
Hannah in her "mun-jaaas", aka sunglasses.
We had planned on picnicing in the park, but it got late, so we decided to have our picnic in the backyard instead! (I didn't edit these ones)
She had SO much fun!
She's still talking about it!

Daddy and Hannah took a walk around the yard before naptime.
Sarah, who had been napping peacefully in her carseat beside us, woke up during their walk, so we spent some time together!

Quick Daddy snuggles before her nap...

And lastly, my sweet, precious, baby girl turned seven months old today. I watched the clock flip to 8:59 this morning and got a little teary eyed. Where did the past seven months go? Time seems to be flying by even faster this time around...if that's even possible.

To celebrate her seventh monthday, I decided to give my seamless paper a try for the first time. I had every intention not to like it, as I really enjoy shooting my kids in their "natural environment"...haha, but honestly, I loved working with it and the look I acheived, so I'm thinking I'll need to add a few more color choices down the road for variety. This is where Micah rolls his eyes..;)

Sarah is seven months old!

Hannah didn't want to be left out of the action, so she hopped on for some fun. They love each other. :swoon:

I told Hannah to look at me and smile. Nice.

If the above shot wasn't a good indicator of the mood-to-be, I don't know what is. She quickly went from that, to this:

...and finally...
Needless to say, naptime commenced shortly after.

Lastly, storms rolled in this evening...

Luckily, the worst of it passed, but Hannah got to see "ightning" and hear "funder". It was a perfect day.


  1. I love the seamless paper pics. Your girls have such beautiful, big brown eyes.

  2. Totally agree with Carrie. Their eyes are beautiful! Love the backyard picnic idea!

  3. I love so many of these. I don't know how you captured such a gorgeous photo of your daughter as she was running at the camera. The photos of your two daughters together are so sweet.

  4. The eyes on both your girls are so beautiful!! So many great shots!

  5. I LOVE their eyes. Beautiful girls!

  6. Wow. Such little beauties! Their eyes are extraordinary!