Saturday, September 10, 2011


This'll be quick, as my girls have spent the last few days trashing every room of the house. I'm beginning my rounds to begin putting stuffed animals, Little People figurines, and the like back in their designated spots.

On a whim, Micah and I took the girls to the mall last night. I had the girls ready to go so that as soon as he pulled in the driveway from work, we began loading them into the car.

I needed to run out anyway, as my glorious 100L needed shipped to Canon for repairs. Forty-five dollars later, it is on it's way. I'm hoping it will be returned in proper working order and will stay that way for a long time. After all, one should think a $1000 lens should last longer than two and a half months.

We went to the mall and headed straight for the food court for a quick dinner. Given the option of Chick-Fil-A or pizza, Hannah decided on pizza. We sat and ate, me cutting up slices for Hannah, Micah keeping Sarah occupied with Puffs. It was a wonderfully relaxing meal. We cleaned up our table, packed up our juice boxes and snacks, and started along our way...and then she saw it.
She's never noticed it before. Never asked about it. Never gave it a second glance. But last night, she was intrigued. She knew she wanted to give it a try, and so we let her.
We weren't sure how she'd react once it started moving, so Micah rode along with her...talking her through the ride.
Her look of uncertainty quickly faded after the first lap.
I watched in awe as the simplicity of that ride that gave my little girl such delight.
She had so much fun. She's asked me several times today if we can ride it again "tomowee".
I may give in to that little face and take her to the mall just for the train ride. :)

I marvel at my girls. They so examine life. The little things. Things we'd often pass off as nothing out of the ordinary or exciting.
Sarah spent over twenty minutes examining her afternoon snack. She gazed at the little bits with such interest.

I sat and watched her play. How much do I miss by not taking the time to really examine the little things in life?

Life is precious. Every little thing. I don't want to be so busy that I forget to take in the most important things. No matter how simple or small they may seem. :)

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