Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day One

Today is Day One of my brand new 365. The plan is to bring out my camera for an entire year, then upload my captures to this blog as a way for me to both see progress in my photography and to keep a record of our day to day lives. The girls are growing so quickly and I am simply amazed at how much they change even by the month, so I think it will be fun to compare pictures from today and the ones I'll take on this day next year. :) I have to be honest. I'm horrible with keeping up with my blogs. It's something I always want to do and wish I had, but finding and making the time to keep up with it is another story. I feel like our days are over in a blink (MOST of the time. Other days feel like they'll never end) and I, of course, want to spend my nights with Micah. That usually means me trying to catch up editing photos. Right now, I'm working my way through two weddings. Whew! What a lot of work! I had two weddings in one weekend, so I'm trying to work on both at the same time. It's fun, and I like to be creative with my editing, but it's also getting to feel like a bit of a task. Culling through and editing 1200+ pictures can be a bit daunting. I'm happy to report that I am about 1/2 way done and it's only been two weeks. I consider that a success since I'm currently 31, almost 32 weeks pregnant and have two little ones 3 and under running around. Let's begin this right. A few pictures from Wednesday first. Micah and Hannah spent some time reading while I put Sarah to bed.
Thursday, I snuck a few shots of Sarah napping. Yes, she still sleeps in our bed...but only for naps. ;)
Friday, we finished up our first official week of school with Hannah. She did wonderfully and asks to "play school" throughout the day. So sweet. Sarah brought two friends along with her as she ran through the house.
Later on, we headed upstairs so that Micah could start prepping Noah's room for paint. Hannah and Sarah followed to watch. Hannah eventually got bored, so she played on her LeapPad in the hallway.
These pics are so small, and I honestly have forgotten how to upload them any larger, so bear with me as I figure that out...again.

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