Saturday, January 15, 2011

I need to challenge myself...

So, about a year ago, I convinced myself and my dear, sweet husband who, despite my many crazy ideas of new things I have to try to learn, that I needed a DSLR camera. For those of you who don't know what a DSLR is, let me take my very LIMITED amount of camera knowledge and lingo and tell you! It'll make me feel smart, if nothing else, and hey, I could really use a boost in my ego! DSLR= digital single lens reflex. Ta-da!! Now, if you ask me to explain to you what that all means, I'd have to excuse myself and google it to give you a somewhat educated answer.
So anywho, back to my rant. Are you bored yet? Interested? Intrigued? Can you tell that Sarah slept a whopping seven hours straight last night without waking up to eat and that I have way too much energy during the girls' naptime? Fun.
So I bought this camera. This camera that I thought was going to take way better pictures than my "crappy 'ole point and shoot" ever could. Boy was I wrong! After picking the thing out at Best Buy...very, very, VERY uneducated on anything and everything DSLR, I realized quite quickly that I had no clue what in the world I was doing. What a shame. And here I thought I was going to buy this fancy, expensive camera and just Voila! Instantly beautiful portraits and candids of my dear family. WRONG again.
I spent the first few weeks using every spare second of free-time I got (which wasn't much, given Hannah was all of 8 months old) to learn the basics of this new object of beauty. I have to say, my first few shots weren't all that bad. I don't have the eye I should, I'm sure, and someone more knowledgeable and experienced could probably find a whole heck of a lot wrong with my early shots, but I still like them!

Not bad, eh? I didn't think so, either. This picture is still my all-time favorite shot that I've gotten *with the kit lens* on my DSLR. That's actually a real shame, since this picture was taken on the 24th of January...last year. You'd think in the year that I've owned the thing that I may have improved just a tad...I think you are sadly mistaken...unfortunately.
I suppose it's my fault. Actually, I know it is. I'm more into reading photography blogs and books and drooling (no, seriously) over their gorgeous photos and wishing I could take the my camera sits either in it's bag, or on an end table in the living room...turned off and un-touched. Is it any wonder that I haven't improved? It's very possible that I may have even gotten worse over the last year, as all of the reading I've been doing makes me think I know what I'm doing and what I'm talking about. I don't.
So anyway, enough of the rant.

Here's the plan. I'm too late to start a 365 day photo blog...since there are, you know, 351 days left in 2011. SO, I'm going to challenge myself (muscles flexed...ahem...the little that I have left after 9 months of pregnancy, lots of ice cream and couch-sitting, and no exercise) to a 351 day photography challenge. That's right, folks. From this day forward, I do solemnly swear to take at least one photo a day, which I will then upload into my computer and onto this blog. Any fellow picture-takers out there (I wouldn't dare call myself a "photog") feel free to critique, but be kind, as my post-partum hormones are still raging. Even if you aren't into this whole picture evaluating, feel free to leave a comment for me. If you like a picture, let me know. If you hate it, keep it to yourself...just kidding.
Seriously, I want to improve my "skill". I want to capture my children the way I see others capture their children...aka Kelle Hampton ( for example. She rocks. I want to rock out my DSLR, too. For the sake of memories!
So here it goes! And you know what kind of stinks? I haven't taken a picture yet today. I could just say that I am changing my challenge to a 350 day challenge, but that sort of defeats the purpose, right? No more procrastination!
In addition to this challenge, I will also be completing a 12-week tutorial to better photography. Google Two Peas if you are interested.
So here it goes, world...or more like the four followers I have on here! I'm ready to conquer the challenge! And I'll start today...but I'll have to wait until after naptime, as my two favorite subjects are catching a few winks. I WILL post at least one picture later!

And so it begins!

Yikes...what have I gotten myself into?!

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