Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh so sweet.

There is a baby snuggled close and sleeping on my chest. There is a content, adorable toddler sitting to my right, playing with her ABC puppy. I have a husband who, in the midst of a snowstorm, is at the store picking up ingredients for this week's dinner. Life is sweet.
We spent the day today nestled close together by the fire, playing with puzzles, dolls, and the like. The weather is cold and dreary, the snow continues to fall, and we are inside enjoying every minute of it.
Nothing got done today. No pictures were hung on the walls. The few remaining boxes that are piled haphazardly in the spare bedroom were not unpacked. My bed was not made. Clothes were not washed...but they were folded. Although nothing on our list was accomplished, I feel pretty good about today. We spent it as a family and that in itself is rewarding enough!

There is a pot of creamy crab soup bubbling away in the crock pot, warming for dinner. Comfort food, which is perfect on this cold, January evening...

Hannah is growing up so quickly! Since Micah was off from work today, we decided last night was as good a night as ever to try out her big girl bed. Micah cleared out the room of anything she could possibly get into that could cause bodily harm. He moved the changing table into Sarah's room, and brought the toddler bed into Hannah's room.
He kept the door closed until he was finished setting everything up, then opened the door and yelled "Suprise!" Hannah now yells suprise at random times during the day. Adorable!
Suprisingly, Hannah went down for the night with little more than a few shed tears. I layed in bed with her for a few minutes, stroking her hair and talking quietly to her about how big she was. Blankets were tucked and straightened, the little soccer ball she insisted join her in bed was placed in a designated spot, and "kitty" was tightly hugged. The lights were turned off, and I shut the door...only to hear wimpers and cries.

I took advantage of my *almost* flat abdomen and layed down on the floor to peak under the crack at the bottom of the door. Not an easy feat when you are newly nursing a baby. It wasn't the most comfortable of tasks, but I'm a Mom, and duty called.
I stayed sprawled out on the floor for a good ten minutes while Micah rocked and bounced a fussy Sarah downstairs. I saw little feet venture out of her big girl bed...just once. Then I saw those feet disappear as she climbed back in. That was it. The rest is history. She slept from a few minutes to 10 (I know...late bedtime. We've been lenient with this since Sarah's arrival) until almost 9:00 this morning. I'm so proud of her!
Naptime wasn't quite as smooth a transition, but we knew it wouldn't be. I stuck with the same routine as bedtime the night before, but she wasn't having it. She wanted to be awake. She knew Daddy was home and that he had the baby and she wanted to be with them. I shut the door, took my post flat on my belly, and watched as little feet ran to her toy basket, then back into bed, then out again. She ended her protest by banging on the diaper champ (note to self: must remove before bedtime tonight!) then climbing back into bed. She took a great nap. Two and a half hours...and woke up very happy and ready to finish off her day with us.
So here we sit. Cuddled up on the couch awaiting Daddy's arrival home from the store. I haven't moved for a good three hours, as Sarah and I napped this afternoon as well.
It is in these cold, wintry days that I'm sure I will find my fondest memories. The early days with Sarah spent just "us girls". Daddy's days off and the adventures he brings. I'm cherishing everything. I know I'm going to blink and they will both be grown up.
I don't want to forget anything about this most precious time in our lives. As I peer down at tiny eyelashes on soft, closed eyelids, my heart is full. As I look over at my curly-haired girl perched on the couch, I feel blessed. And I am. Life is oh so sweet and I thank God for His many blessings.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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  1. Once again, my apologies for the numerous misspelled words...such as surprise. I really do know how to spell. ;)