Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, I got my Valentine's lunch...a day late! We took advantage of the gift card that's been burning a whole in Micah's wallet for months, nap time, and Grammy (ahem) and headed out for a good meal. I ate like a pig, big suprise. We ate so fast, as we are so used to having no other choice. Our waitress laughed when she came back five minutes after she had placed our food in front of us only to find it was gone. Oops!
We got the works, pasta, dessert...okay, that was it, but it was SO good! I'm still full from lunch, so I think I'm skipping dinner!
Hannah is currently refusing to eat dinner, and Sarah is contendly hanging out in her bouncer...and she just blocked a sneeze and made the most adorable noise! I love her!
Well, I have baths to give and a family room to pick up, so I better get scootin'. Just wanted to drop by and share a few thoughts, and a picture of course.
I shot this on my way back from our mailbox this morning. I should have waited until later in the afternoon to catch a more optimal lighting situation, but you'll have that I suppose. We certainly have a gorgeous view!

That's all, folks!

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