Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have no original name for this post...

...and so it shall remain nameless. I'm fresh out of wit and humor for the time being...not that I'm all that humerous to begin with, of course.
Nothing exciting going on here today. We have nothing on the agenda. My parents leave for Disney World tomorrow for a "second honeymoon", so we'll be getting together with them this evening as a last "hoorah" before they leave. My Mom hasn't been away from either of the girls (or me for that matter) for more than a few days. This is going to be really hard for her and I'm a little concerned she may break down tonight when she has to say goodbye. Mom, if you're reading, I'm saying this all out of love!
This fall, we vacationed together, then Micah, Hannah, and I had to attend a wedding in North Carolina. My parents were headed to a retreat in northern SC and were going to be gone for a week. Let me just say that our goodbyes that day were hard.
I was pregnant and emotional, and my Mom was just being a Mom and Gram. We cried, hugged, kissed, and then repeated multiple times. My parents never ended up going to the retreat, and we had the most horrid time at the wedding. Let's just say we were both glad to be home...and I'm sure, although my Mom was disappointed about not attending their retreat, she was happy to see Hannah after her two days without her.
So, we shall see how this week-long trip to Disney World goes. I've jokingly said I was packing up the girls and heading down for a day or two, leaving Micah at home to work and "bring home the bacon". Obviously that is both financially and physically impossible at this time. However, I'm quite certain that my Mom may suggest this very arrangement at one time or another during their trip. Daily phone calls? Yes. Phone calls multiple times a day? Most definitely.
So that's where it's at. I've spent the day coloring, feeding and burping babies, and kissing boo-boos. Life is good.
Hannah got a "boo boo" and needed comforted. My brave girl.
And with that, I bid you farewell. ;)

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