Sunday, May 8, 2011


Whether you've been a mama for a day, a year, or a decade, you have the "know-how". You know how to soothe, how to love, how to make sure baby is fed, clean, warm. No matter the previous experience, the moment that infant is placed in your arms, you somehow know how to hold, rock, kiss.
Then there are the things we can never master, no matter our experience. How to prevent boo-boos. How to keep our children from hurt. How to keep them from the harsh realities of the world.
Even in my inexperience, my imperfections as a mother, I know my children know that I love them, that they are cared for and will be nurtured. That part of my title came the moment I knew cells were dividing.

My best friend is due a week from today. I think hourly about the anticipation of the arrival of a first child. I can hardly wait for her to realize the tremendous love and bond she will feel for this precious life the minute he or she makes an entrance into the world.
My cousin delivered her first daughter 10 1/2 weeks early yesterday. She is doing exceptionally well, despite her grand entrance. Showing up just in time for Mother's Day was an unexpected gift.
I watched this past evening as my Mom loved on her girls. The overwhelming joy a granddaughter (or two) brings appears to be like no other.

Being a Mother is an awesome gift.

Celebrating it with the ones you love makes the day that much more exceptional.

The girls chose not to nap today, and while normally this would make me upset and cranky along with them, I decided to seize the moment and take the family out for an impromtu photo shoot in the backyard.
Between dandelion picking, bug spotting, and bird calling, we managed to grab a few shots.
This was a "piggie" shot fail, as Sarah's tiny toes are barely visible over the blades of grass, and Hannah's sandals were mistakenly not removed. At least Daddy's feet are center stage!

Gosh, I am so blessed.
We're off to squeeze in bubble baths and some fun before bedtime.

Happy Mother's Day.

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