Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another "just us" post

I had great intentions of a "Day in the Life" post, but only grabbed one shot of Sarah during breakfast, so I'll have to try again for "that" post.
Micah works so much that he doesn't get into too many pictures. Honestly, some days are simply survival for me, and I do what I can to keep the kids busy and happy to avoid all three melting down at once.

Some days, as hard as I try, nothing seems to help.

I know he's sad, but could this pouty lip be any cuter?!
Then a sister walks by, and all is right in his world. ;)
Sometimes I think Hannah needs a little time to herself. I'll find her off in a corner somewhere quietly reading a book or playing.
Then Sarah will get upset because I'm holding Noah. She's done so well adjusting, but she'll always be Mommy's girl and just doesn't understand why I can't pick her up sometimes.
Hannah doesn't like the drama. haha
This sweet boy never wants to look at the camera, so I have to contort into all sorts of positions to get one of him looking in my general direction. lol
Sisters play:

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