Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Family Pics

Last year on Thanksgiving, we took a family picture on a whim because it was really warm and sunny, and we were all dressed up. I set up the tripod in the back yard and we snapped a few until we got a decent shot. This was pulled from facebook, so if the quality is iffy, that's why.
This year, we planned it all out. The weather was supposed to be beautiful, so we picked out outfits, got the kids ready, and headed to our friends' house for pictures. I got so many that I love. Micah is getting really good with the camera (including nailing focus at 1.4!) so I was able to jump in and get some pics of me with the kids...or, ahem, Noah. Hannah and Sarah weren't really that interested. ;)
Look how much different the girls look! Oh, and we added another family member! ;) There are like a million pics, and I didn't put them into a storyboard or anything, so be prepared for image overload. I told you I fell in love with a ton!
I SO love this one of my boys...
I know this isn't the best picture, but it shows just how little they are. ;)
Haha, Sarah's face.
Poor Noah was just done...and you can see my tripod in the back. Whoops.
Afterwards, we went to Panera for dinner. The kids were SO good. Micah and I were obviously feeling invinsible, so we went to the mall. Sarah started flipping out about half way through our trek, so we did what any *good* parent would do. "Hey, you guys want to go to Toys R Us? Okay, then stop crying and we'll go."

The crying continued to an all-out tantrum, but we went anyway, because Hannah was being so good. Worst.Trip.Ever. We left thirty minutes later, me exposing myself to nurse Noah IN the store, Sarah screaming and throwing a fit, and Hannah trailing behind with her new toy. Never again. But at least we got family pics, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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