Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hannah Jumps

I haven't had my camera out in two days to shoot my own kids. I had a sunset photo shoot on Saturday evening and have been busy editing that session, plus Noah didn't sleep AT.ALL Sunday night, so I was less than motivated.

Buuut, last night I got some sleep, today is election day, and the kids were in decent moods. All good reasons to grab the camera.

Hannah can be quite stubborn with pictures unless I make it fun for her. I can totally get that, as she'd rather just play and do her own thing. She's such a good sport, though, when we make it a game.

Today, I had her jump for me. She LOVES looking at the pictures after I've taken them, so we made it a game. You jump, then run over to see what we got!

Sarah photo-bombed this one. :lol:

This is one of my favorite pics of Hannah ever. Just so, her!
"Okay, stand together and smile!" LOL
Cue the hugs...
Then I decided I'd hop in for one. I mean, I brushed my hair this morning to go vote, so, why not?

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