Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneaking in a Quick Post...

Micah has been busy studying/paper-writing/researching for the final few days of his class, so I've been "banned" from computer usage the last few nights while he scurries to tie up lose ends. Thankfully, this class ends tonight and he begins a new one tomorrow. I'm so hopeful that this next class will come with a lighter workload and a more enjoyable topic for him.
I'm so proud of him! Working LONG hours at the office, taking care of the house, packing, AND working toward his degree. Pretty impressive! I know I couldn't do it...although I'd LOVE to take some classes on photography.
We're all still hanging on here. Closing on this house remains the 16th, and supposedly I'll hear something tomorrow from our lender about a closing date on the new house. I can't wait to live without piles of boxes in every room!
We drove past our new house four times yesterday. It's embarrassing, I know. I can't help myself. We had to run home to get the pressure cooker for my Mom to make dinner, then headed to the craft store for some yarn, (I just started working on an afghan for the new baby...not sure it'll be finished in time!)then headed home...and all of those trips either began or concluded (or, ahem, both) with us driving slowly, and probably creepily, past our new home. I'm sure our neighbors-to-be think we're prowling the neighborhood!

Well, tomorrow marks the 37 week mark of this pregnancy! I'm so thrilled that I've made it to full term. I'm hoping to hold out for at least another week, so I'm sure she's fully "cooked". <- I hate when people say that, now I'm saying it.
She's been jamming her butt/feet into the right side of my ribcage all day. When it gets to this point and we're both wrestling for space, it's time. I can't wait to meet her!

In other news, my parents put their Christmas decorations up yesterday with the "help" of Hannah. I'm a little concerned as to how we're going to keep our tree decorated when we move and put it up. Hannah has quite the fascination with the bulbs...or as she calls them "dolls". She repeatedly undecorated the bottom of the tree and even managed to pull a glass bulb apart where the bulb meets the hook.
Luckily, we caught her before there were any boo-boos.
I got some cute pictures, but I'll have to post them tomorrow when Hannah naps. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is ending, it's bathtime, and it's getting late.
Stay tuned, and stay warm! We're expecting 1-4 inches tonight with a windchill of 12*. Winter, anyone?!

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  1. There is nothing like seeing that girl happy about those "dolls"! Thanks for the nice words honey.

    Love you!