Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is NOT what I signed up for!

Along with all of the excitement and anticipation of moving, there is also the unexpected nonsense that finds its way into the situation.
We are exactly one week away from closing-if everything continues to move along the way it has been-and things continue to pop up that require our attention and our checkbook.
We had a dye test scheduled for this week, and on schedule, three men from the township showed up with three trucks, tons of equipment, and cones to block the road. It was quite the production. In case you were wondering, a dye test checks to assure that none of the water from our downspouts, french drains, etc. run into their sewer lines. We were very confident that our home would pass, as everyone we've talked to has never heard of a house not passing.
Micah kept on the men working, asking questions about what they were finding, throughout the entire four and a half (yes, I'm serious. It really took that long.)hour test. At the beginning, one of the men casually remarked that he didn't see a problem. When the test was over, no one would give an answer as to the findings. We both became a little worried, but the reassurance from numerous home buyers that we know made us feel a little more at ease.
Sure enough, when Micah called the next morning, our township informed us that we did in fact FAIL the test. Unbelievable.
Unbeknown st to me, Micah spent a better part of his day off yesterday calling for estimates (that were upwards of $1000+) and suggestions. When I came home from work yesterday, he filled me in. I, true to self, lost it.
I lost it to the point of hyperventilating. Hello hormones.
To make a long story short, our wonderful neighbors that we will miss dearly happened to get home shortly after my meltdown. I have a fabulous memory (ask anyone!) and had remembered a conversation with them regarding our township requiring everyone on our street to update sewer lines on the properties at the homeowners expense. Mind you, this occurred several years ago, but PVC piping has a VERY long life expectancy.
Micah started digging up the front yard (yes, we are making quite the mess here) around 7:30 last night and what did he find?! PVC piping in the ground and the culprit as to why we failed our dye test.
Our pipe is not cracked, our pipe is not leaking water into the main sewer. The pipe is cut too low below ground level, thus allowing the multiple gallons of water they pumped into the yard to get into this sewer line, therefore allowing the dye into the sewer.
You'd think this would be plenty of proof for the township, but unfortunately, we have to pay another $125 for them to re-do the test. I am furious with them and may take my ever-expanding girth to the township building and have a firm, hormone-led talk with the men in charge of this sad excuse to take more of my money.
Can I tell you that I can't wait to move to a new town?! Really.
In other news, our mortgage broker says he is "hopeful" that we can close on our new house on December 16th. FINALLY someone is hopeful! We are turning in the last of our required paperwork today and are praying that we don't need to give anymore. I think they've pretty much asked for everything but our firstborn...and I'm keeping her! Who would've thought it would be this difficult to get a mortgage when 1. I've had one for the last five years 2. Have excellent credit and very little debt 3. Have the income necessary to qualify for a mortgage of this amount. There's big government for you. BAD idea. Maybe I should personally call Barack Obama and ask him what else I could possibly have to do for me to be approved for a loan. Think he'd answer his phone?! ;)

On a lighter, more upbeat, positive, not-so-stressful, non-house related note: I had my 37 week check up today! Baby is guesstimated to weigh right around six pounds, is extremely low, head down, and ready for her grand debut! I'm still shootin' for the 19th or 20th! I've been telling her all week that she has to wait until then! It worked with Hannah!
I think I'll have to end there. I do have pictures to upload, but frankly, I've been too lazy and stressed out. It is very possible that there will be no pictures until after the baby arrives. :/

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