Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cold, rainy, with a dose of wind.

The dreary days of Spring in Western Pa begin to be depressing at best. The calendar says it's April 18th, but the weather is suggesting something more like February.
Despite the less than desirable temperatures, inches of rain, and wind that'll knock you off your feet, we enjoyed our weekend.
I ventured out on Friday evening with a friend for manicures, shopping, and a little time to unwind after a very long week.
The girls finally began sleeping through the night again last Friday. Up until then, I felt like a monster. I was exhausted, irritable, emotional, and distraught. The girls were, too. Luckily, we all made it through the cold, and although I still need to wipe noses a few times throughout the day, we are, happy to report, all on the mend.
So, back to my rather eventful weekend. ;)

I finally bought a new pair of dress pants that actually fit. I've been wearing the same two pair that I bought four years ago. They no longer button, as I've had two children and am no longer shaped the same way. It was time they were retired.
I also bought two new pair of dress shoes. For those that don't already know, your feet grow with pregnancy as well. Unfortunately, mine have yet to return to their "normal" size. So I slid into a pair of 7 1/2's in one and 8's in the other and recognized them as my new normal.

Saturday...I know we did something on Saturday. Hmmm. Oh yes. My house was given a much needed cleaning. The vacuum (aka, feedas, if you talking to Hannah) was run, furniture dusted, kitchen scoured, bathrooms scrubbed. It felt so nice to clean and scrub away the germs that had made themselves home last week.

Sunday, we attended my cousin's baby shower. It was nice to get out again without the girls...but I missed them the entire time. It's funny how that works. I welcome a short break from the demands of motherhood, but even whilst enjoying my "free time", my mind is always on them. Little breaks are necessary. It reminds your heart how much you love their company. I needed the reminder this weekend. :)
After a short break after the shower, where Sarah and I snuggled for a quick nap, Micah and I headed to a nearby town so I could meet up with a fellow photog from the message board of which I'm a member. It was SO.MUCH.FUN to get out for the sole purpose of shooting.
My attempt of a starburst. I need a little more practice.

This picture gives me goosebumps. I love our country. God bless America

Spring is here, but there are still remnants of the cold, long winter.

My roots are here in Western Pa

We caught "the golden hour" of sunlight

Spring flowers hold the promise of warmer weather, sunny skies, and sunkissed babies

There were over 180 pictures from the 1 1/2 hour get-together. I learned a few things from my e-friend, and we had a blast together. There will be more get-togethers in the future!

I'll leave you with that. And I promise there will be baby pictures up soon! ;)

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