Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This'll be quick. I have two babies who need to be put to bed, and a husband who needs to finish his research paper and discussions for class tonight.
First things first, my new Kelly Moore bag arrived...and? And, she's a beaut!

Although the size of this bag is a tad intimidating (I could probably fit a few small children inside...totally kidding, but really, it's big!) I think I'm really going to like the extra space. I'll feel so much better about toting my camera and a spare lens around. The bag is big enough to fit my camera, speedlite, all of my extra lenses, memory cards, batteries and charger, baby items, purse items, our 13" hp laptop, and probably a dozen other things. Hey, I like big bags...and I can not lie. ;)

Oh, and just for kicks...my daughter is adorable...and my husband's not bad, either.

Oh, and the fig bars? Awesome. Like, I ate seven of them yesterday. Emabarassing.

Drive-by complete.

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  1. cute purse!! i love having a huge bag to carry around...my shoulder is always in pain but its worth it to have everything with me at all times. u will love it!