Saturday, March 6, 2010

A little under the weather.

Me, that is. Which is why I didn't blog last night. Micah and I made a Target run last night to pick up the cake mold for Hannah's party. He had the brilliant idea to buy some malted milk eggs. So, last night before bed, we decided to chow down on those and some buttered popcorn. I'd also like to add that neither one of us had dinner because we both had large, filling lunches. Within ten minutes of eating, I was sooo sick. I spent a good part of the evening hovering over the toilet. I never did throw up (whew, thank GOD!), but I'm sure I would have felt much better if I would have. I'm still a little queasy this morning, but I'm feeling much better!
Hannah and I had a good day together yesterday. We played, headed to lunch at Harold's Inn with Gram and Pap, then went "warehouse hunting" with a few people from our ministry (For His Glory International). You can check out our website at
I got a few cute pictures of Hannah (with my new lens!) yesterday that I felt were worthy of sharing!
Flipping through the Kohl's ad!

Then tearing it up into itty-bitty pieces!

In deep concentration...

Hannah puckering her lips! So adorable, but not quite associated with giving kisses. She currently "bites" when we ask her to give kisses! haha

Pardon the snot and slobber. This was taken right after a series of sneezes. :O)

As for today, Micah, Hannah, and I will be lounging around until our prayer meeting tonight. I'm going to attempt a trial-run of Hannah's cupcake cake. Wish me luck! I'll post pictures if it even slightly turns out the way it's supposed to!
Have a great one!

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