Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...You win some...

...and today I definitely lost..:O(
Yesterday was such a great day, and today was just awful.
For starters, I just wasn't myself. I'm not feeling up to par, so I didn't feel like going to work this morning. I drug myself out of bed and managed to find something comfy to wear and off I went.
I was literally attacked by one of my students at work today. I have a few battle scars to prove it, including a bruise on my left breast, two welts/scratches on my forehead, and a sore scalp from all of the hair he pulled out.
I'm pretty sore and I'm still shook up from all of this, even though it happened almost 12 hours ago. It was nice to finally come home and be able to cry a little. I did well holding in my tears of humiliation. (I don't know why I feel like this, it's just not a good feeling to be attacked by a 20 year old kid.)
Hannah didn't take her afternoon nap today, so Micah and I spent a good part of the evening keeping her occupied and satisfied until bedtime.
Micah volunteered to make dinner since I had such a rotten day, so we had pasta and garlic bread while Hannah played in her walker.
I only took two pictures tonight, so I'll post those. She was chewing on her teething ring and I thought I'd be able to catch her in the act...FAIL. She never chews on the teether, so it was a rare opportunity for a cute picture, but I missed it! Sorry the quality is so poor. It wasn't the best lighting, I didn't have my camera settings right, and I'm just too emotionally distraught at this point to even care, lol.

Micah stopped and grabbed me a Butterfinger (my favorite candy bar!) on the way home because of my rough day, so I think I'm going to go and enjoy it with him. Here's hoping for a much more uneventful tomorrow!

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