Tuesday, January 3, 2012

*Almost* perfect day

I'm on a blogging roll lately! It feels good to actually take pictures, edit them that same night, get them uploaded, then blog shortly thereafter. It's so much easier to keep up with editing when I'm not days behind!
See my new blog banner ^? Yeah, it's not sized correctly, and I do plan on fixing that sometime in the near future, but I figured out how to do that! It may be a small feat for most, but I'm thrilled!

Today was my last day of Christmas break. I go back to work tomorrow, and although I've had a wonderful two weeks off, I could 100% go for at least another two weeks off! It's always harder to go back after a longer break.
I'm so glad our day went off without a hitch, for the most part. We were stuck indoors due to icy roads, below freezing temperatures, and lots of snow.

The girls didn't seem to mind the snow...

I pulled out the girls' Laugh and Learn house, Sarah's new purse and cooking pot, and we played "grocery store", where Hannah paid with play money and I bagged pretend groceries in leftover Christmas gift bags.

I also brought Hannah's new baby doll and doll bed down from her room so the girls could play. It melted my heart to see how loving Sarah was with that baby.

Excuse the food in her hair and on her shirt...teddy grahams...

I watched as she held the baby close, and then I caught this:
She gave that baby doll the sweetest kisses. Oh how I love her! ;)

After we played, I made lunch. Sarah had wandered off and I couldn't find her in any of her normal spots. On a whim, I peeked into the dining room. She had made herself comfortable on a misplaced chair cushion:

To top off an almost perfect morning, Sarah went down for a nap in her crib!!! The most miraculous part is that I put her in bed awake, she didn't make a peep, fell asleep on her own, and slept for an hour and twenty minutes! We're making progress!
Although Sarah did wonderfully, I can't say the same for Hannah. I decided to let her nap on the couch "with me" in case Sarah woke up and cried or vice versa. I put in a Dora, made her a little "bed" with her pillow pet and a blanket, and hoped she'd dose off during her show. Wrong.
After one Dora, she requested another. I told her we could watch one more, hoping that would be enough to help her fall asleep. She was getting nice and comfortable on the couch...until the episode was over. She grabbed all of her "bedding" and climbed up to sit with me...where she proceeded to tell stories and talk for the next half hour. Soon after, Sarah woke up and naptime for both girls was officially over.
Not having a nap started to show later in the day:
Stary eyed

She finally resorted back to the couch with her blanket and her "iPad"...er, umm, her Mobigo. We don't have the heart to tell her otherwise. ;)

I'm totally not ready for vacation to end, but I'm so glad we ended it on such a good note. I'm loving all of this time with my two girls. :)

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