Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Sun

Thank goodness for Saturdays when Daddy gets home from work hours earlier than during the week. When the day seems more relaxing just because you know it's the weekend.
We played all day today. We skipped, ran, jumped, crawled, laughed. It was fabulous.

Sarah modeled her new purse:

Pap and Gram stopped by for a bit this morning. It's always a party when they're here:

Hannah was awed by Pap's dance moves...

Sarah joined in on the fun:

The weather was beautiful today. The sun was perfectly golden, the temperatures were almost bearable, and one little girl was thrilled to get some fresh air.

She's been asking to blow bubbles for months, but the weather has not permitted us to venture outside for long. She was so excited when Daddy brought her bubbles out for her to enjoy.

We stayed out until it was just too cold...

...and the sun began to set.


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