Friday, January 8, 2010

...And so it has begun...

Well, I'm now an official "blogger". I'm not too sure who will actually follow, but it will be nice to have an account of the day to day.

For starters, I'm Rachel, wife to Micah and new mommy to Hannah. I quit my full-time job as a Physical Therapist Assistant when Hannah was born. I am currently working a part-time job at a special needs school and PRN (as needed) at a geriatric center.

It's been quite an adjustment for us to go from two full-time incomes and a small part-time income down to just Micah's full-time and my part-time. The PRN job isn't always reliable for a paycheck. We're making ends meet, and it's worth everything to be able to stay home with Hannah.

For a little bit of background, I'll give a re-count of the last *almost* five years!

Micah and I met in 2001 at a youth group. He had taken the worship leader position at the church and I spotted him his first night!

We began dating in August of 2002. I knew right away that he was "the one"! He proposed a little over a year later on December 22, 2003 under mistletoe in the snow. :O)

We got married May 28, 2005 at my home church. It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome reception! We had sooo much fun!

We were married for seven months when we decided to begin house hunting. We started out in a converted two-stall garage, so the space was limited!

After looking at almost 30 homes, we decided to purchase a cute cape cod style home in Hopewell. It was (and still is!) the perfect house. It's very quaint, cute, and cozy! Every Christmas, after all of the lights are up and a dusting of snow has fallen, it truly looks like a gingerbread house!

After three years of marriage, we decided we could fight the baby bug no longer. I found out I was pregnant (after what felt like an eternity of trying) in July 2008.

We found out we were having a little girl on October 28, 2008, and Hannah was born on March 22, 2009 at 39 weeks!

Hannah is now 9 months old and such a joy! She is learning something new daily and I love to watch! Today, after I brushed her hair, she picked up the brush and tried. It was the cutest thing! She's made many new discoveries this week, including clapping her hands, and standing at the ottoman in the living room. Although she isn't crawling, she makes up for it in her walker. I've now had to remove everything from our baker's rack in the dining room because she grabs it with both hands and shakes it. I'm not sure she'll ever crawl. She would much rather be in the walker!

Well, I think this is a good start. I'm sure I'll improve as the days go by! As for right now, I'm going to spend the last few hours of the day with Micah! Have a great night!

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