Friday, January 22, 2010

Hannah is 10 months old!

Today is Hannah's 10th Monthday! I can't believe it's been 10 months already! Where has the time gone? I totally forgot to get a picture of her today, so I'll have to fudge one tomorrow and pretend!
Speaking of pictures, Micah got me a new camera!! I have been complaining about my little Olympus Stylus 810 for a while now. I feel like I always miss what Hannah is doing because it takes SOOO long to take the picture! Forget getting a series of pictures of anything, because it just doesn't work that fast.
We went to Best Buy tonight and Micah picked out a Canon SLR. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait until I know how to use it!
I spent about an hour and a half tonight trying to familiarize myself with all of the buttons and features. Right now I'm just working on the point and shoot aspect. I can't wait until tomorrow to snap a ton of pictures of Hannah! I totally feel like I need to take a class on photography to really reap all of the benefits of the camera. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun practicing!
For Hannah's 'monthday' today, my Mom and I went to Kohl's to pick up a few small things for her. We found some adorable outfits on clearance! I got her two pairs of stretch pants and tops. I can't wait for her to wear them! Can you imagine? Chubby little legs in strech pants will be precious! I also found this cute touch and feel sensory book which she LOVES. It kept her busy while we finished up our shopping today. And of course, I bought her the boardbook, "I Love You Through and Through". I've been wanting to get it for a few months, so I finally had the chance to snatch a copy up today. She really liked the pictures and was very interested as I read it to her. I, of course, teared up a little. It's so true! I really do love her through and through!
Well, that's all for tonight! Micah is passed out on the couch, and I'm starting to feel a little sleepy. I'm going to head up to bed and see if I can wake up Micah so he'll come up to bed as well.
Good night! ;)

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