Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a quick note...

So, I didn't have a chance to post yesterday. With me working, then trying to rush home, nurse Hannah and get her down for a nap, it just gets crazy here. Work went well, though, so I can't complain. Almost all of my students participated with their therapy session. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about my job. I know it's a burden on my Mom to be here all day with Hannah two days a week. With her crazy work schedule and long hours, I know she's feeling the squeeze. I know we couldn't do without my income, and with Micah losing his part-time job, it's just his salary and the little bit I bring in.
I know things will straighten out. We had a long talk last night, and Micah may be going back to school. It's such a shame that all of the time and effort he put into college seems wasted. Who would have thought that terrorists would have attacked on 9/11 and completely destroyed the airline industry? It's horrible. And to think we have a leader, ahem, who is apologizing to the countries responsible. Unbelievable. That, however, is an entirely different subject and one I probably shouldn't go into. ;)
Micah looked into Air Traffic Control (ATC) and it appears that he only needs four more classes to be certified. With his flight experience, pilot's license, and all the other classes he's taken toward his Business/Aviation degree, it shouldn't be too difficult for him. The only scary thing is, you aren't always sure where they are going to place you. I guess Micah would have to give three locations of choice, and then his company would place him where he was most needed. This could be anywhere in the US. I just can't imagine picking up and leaving my home, family, and friends with a 9 month old and future children in the plans. It would be so difficult on all of us.
With his business courses, he's also very close to having a bachelors in Accounting. That's another option I feel is worth looking into, but with him doing construction for the last five years, he doesn't think he could go from that to "just sitting behind a desk". To me, that would be a nice break!
So, we have a lot to think about. Is there time to go back to school? Can we swing it financially? Lot's of questions.
Onto better things:
Hannah tried scrambled eggs for the first time last night! She only gagged once, and managed to not vomit all over the place. I know I have to relax, but it seems like everytime we try table food, she ends up choking on it, and more often than not, throwing up everything. Even Gerber Puffs...she's choked too many times on those for me to feel comfortable feeding them to her.
She's also been picky with her baby food. It takes me a lot of bribing and distracting to get her to finish the two tablespoons of food that she used to eat with no problem. I tried "forcing" her to eat everything, and that also resulted in vomit. I am to the point, I'll let her eat what she wants, when she wants, and how much she wants.
If she wasn't in the 3 % for weight, I'd fee l a little more relaxed about the whole thing. I don't know why it bothers me. According to my baby book, I weighed 28 pounds when I started kindergarten. I guess Hannah is following in my footsteps and will also be on the petite side.
Mealtime isn't always horrid. The other night, Hannah had a few potatoes and a small piece of ham from a bowl of my Mom's homemade soup. She loved it! Afterwards, I gave her a bit of the pumpkin pie Micah had baked. She has a sweet tooth! She smiled and was "Mmmmm 'ing" the whole time! Only a little gag toward the end. It was so cute! She is also trying to hold her sippy cup during meals. Most of the time she ends up throwing it on the floor or sucking on the handle, but we're making progress:

Bear with me! I'm still figuring out how to upload photos to the right spot on my blog. Hopefully soon I'll be a pro!

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