Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, it's Friday...

...and there is so much to do this weekend! It is rare that Micah and I have plans, let alone a whole weekend full of them!

Tonight we are heading over to our friend's house. They have two little girls, Loralai 2, and Danica 2 months. It'll be nice to get Hannah around "babies" close to her age. It's rare she sees anyone her size nowadays!

Saturday will be busy as well. I was scheduled to work a six hour shift at the geriatric center, but as usual, they called me off for tomorrow...then called me back in for just two hours. It almost doesn't seem worth it to spend 40 minutes driving two and fro and only working for two hours. I said yes of course, because at least it's something.

Speaking of hours worked and paychecks, my check from the school went in today. I thought it seemed like a bit much, but I didn't have the time to figure out if I was right. As luck would have it, they called to tell me that they overpaid me by $593. So as of next Wednesday, they will be debiting it out of my account. I know it wasn't my money in the first place, but it'll still be hard to watch that money be taken away! I can not wait until this season of financial struggle is over!!

So, Saturday I'll work my two hours, try to get to Costco to grocery shop, and then we have a prayer meeting at my Mom and Dad's. It's kind of an all-day thing, so we'll be there for several hours. It's fun, though. Hannah really enjoys praise and worship. It's so cute when she dances to the music and claps her hands! We bought her a leapfrog drum and maracas for Christmas, so we whip those out for her to use during worship. She knows what to do with them and joins right in!

Sunday, we're supposed to hang out with our friends Dana and Jared. They have three kids, Dane 7, Ana Sophia 4, and Eva 2. We haven't spent time with them for months, so it'll be nice to reconnect. I'm just a little paranoid...Dan and Ana are both in school and have both had the swine flu this winter, and they are both in sunday school classes at the church. I failed to mention that there are two little boys in sunday school that are ALWAYS sick with thick, green, snotty noses, sniffles, and coughs. As it usually turns out, Dane and or Ana will be sick with whatever these boys have within a few days. I'm just hoping and *praying* that if the kids are exposed to anything, that Hannah does not get sick.

We've all done so well this season and none of us have had so much as a sniffle. I'd like to keep it that way! W

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