Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So, it's been a while!

I'm finally writing another blog! I can't believe it has almost been a week since I've written. We've been keeping pretty busy here, so there just wasn't much time!

Friday, Hannah and I hung out most of the day watching the construction on our road. Apparently our gas company is replacing ALL of the gas lines on our street. I'm just waiting for them to start digging an enormous trench in my front yard like they have done to most of my neighbors. Hannah likes to watch them move all of the big machinery around. Mommy likes to watch them pack up and leave at the end of the day! Starting a jack hammer and unloading tons of gravel on our quiet, little street at 7:30AM makes for an early morning.

Hannah peeking through the rails of her crib...

Silly girl!

Saturday afternoon, Micah SOLD THE JEEP!! Hallelujah!! Finally! It feels like it took forever! A really nice couple drove all the way from Indiana, Pa (about an hour a half from Hopewell) and signed the papers right after they saw it! I'm such a sap, and cried a little when they drove it away. Micah and I have such fond memories in the Jeep, and although it had to be sold, it will be missed.

Our 1986 Jeep CJ7

Sunday was also busy for us. I met up with Rachel at the mall for a few hours. The Children's Place is having their semi-annual "Monster Sale" and Hannah was in desperate need of new pants! Everything she owns seems to have become "floods". I got her a few really cute outfits! I have to say, I used to be partial to Gymboree, but after shopping at The Children's Place, I don't think I'll go back!

Sportin' one of her new tops along with her hat and mittens!

Carter's brand really fits Hannah well, but there isn't always a huge selection. I LOVE that The Children's Place brand fits her well and that they have SOOO many styles to choose from! I got her three outfits and a top for under $40. I definitly stayed within my budget!

This week has been pretty slow. Micah, Hannah and I all headed out to Costco on Monday night to replenish our cupboards and refridgerator. We literally had nothing left to make for dinner or lunches. Thankfully, it wasn't busy, and we were able to get in, get all of our groceries, and even stop for a bite to eat. You've gotta love Costco! Two of us can eat for under $5! Hannah even sat up in a highchair (with our Boppy cover, of course!) like a big girl while we ate our meal. She even managed to almost finish half a jar of babyfood!

While at Costco, Micah and I looked at a few cameras. I've been wanting something better than what we have. I feel like I miss so much with Hannah because our camera takes what seems like forever to snap a picture and "reload" itself. The one I want is upwards of $600, so I know it'll be a little while until I own one...but it never hurts to browse!

So, here we are in Wednesday. Half-way through the week! I've enjoyed being home with Hannah today. I have actually sat back and enjoyed myself instead of rushing around the house trying to clean, and "red up". I swept and vacuumed the floors last night, and bathrooms were cleaned on Monday. Although I should be dusting, I feel much more like blogging right now.

I have a roast pulled out and thawing for dinner, and I read quite a few chapters in a new book I picked up this week. I think it's been a pretty good day!

Hannah's been great, too! She's currently taking her second nap and has been so pleasant all day. We sang and danced together, emptied her odds-n-ends basket under her crib, then refilled it, got a bath, played with pretty much every toy she owns, and spent a little time cuddling. I love my days off with her. They are so precious to me! I can't believe that in just about eight short weeks, my precious baby girl will be a year old. How the time has flown by.

This time last year, I spent a good part of my time worrying about fluid levels, kick counts, non-stress tests, and extra doctor visits. This year, I spend my time with my perfectly healthy, beautiful daughter. I thank God for His most precious gift of children. How dull and seemingly meaningless life would be without them!

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