Monday, January 11, 2010

Lazy Monday...

So I finally figured out how to get back into my blog! Silly I know. I was a little concerned that I didn't save it and it somehow was deleted, but alas, I am back!
Today has been fantastic! I feel like the days I'm home, Hannah is at her worst. My Mom always tells me how absolutely wonderful she is for her. She eats well, doesn't fuss, takes good naps, etc. Usually when I'm home, she refuses to eat, is fussy and whiny, and is hit-or-miss with her naps. Not today! We have had such a good time together!
She woke up this morning at 7:45 *sigh* and thank God, because Micah left for work at 6:30. Our wooden floors are so creaky and squeaky, that he usually wakes her up on his way down the steps in the morning. If not then, when he shuts the basement door. I don't understand how our basement door causes her door on the second floor to move. Anywho...
We both hung out in bed for a while and played, and then we headed down to the kitchen and I made us both some breakfast. Hannah ate great!
We just had so much fun playing! She's really into her one baby book and she squeals and giggles as she turns the pages. It's adorable!
Naptime came around, and I decided I was going to try to get her to nap in her crib. Hannah sleeps wonderfully in her crib at bedtime, but wants to be in the swing for naps. This wouldn't be a problem if our swing didn't eat batteries weekly! Not only that, but it dies without warning...usually in the middle of a nap.
She fought it for a few minutes, but eventually fell asleep and stayed asleep...until a telemarketer called an hour later and woke her up..:/
Since she had only slept an hour, I cuddled with her for a few minutes, and then she was wide awake and ready to play. I have been trying to encourage her to crawl, but she is just more interested in sitting and playing, or having us hold her hands and "walking". Today, I positioned her in front of her new car toy from Pappy and Grammy and helped her stand up holding onto it. She pushed it a few inches, but didn't move her feet in time to catch up to it. I caught her.
She's just getting cuter and cuter by the day. She was so excited to be able to stand and push her car. She now wrinkles her nose and breathes in and out really fast when she's excited. It's so funny, and it's something I apparently did at this age, too! My Mom and Dad have pictures and it shows how much Hannah resembles her Mommy! :)
Well, this post will have to be short and sweet. Micah just came home and is on his way to show the Jeep...I hope this is it! :)

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