Monday, February 8, 2010

Ooooh, Monday...

Hannah must have missed Micah today, because she was monstrously cranky all day until he came home. I guess after being snowed in together on Saturday, and Micah watching her Sunday while I worked, she wanted him home!
Although she was horribly cranky, I did manage to get her to take both naps in her crib! *breaks out in a thunderous applause*
I have to admit I was a little concerned we'd not be able to break her of taking naps in the swing. I wouldn't mind, but replacing three D batteries at least once a week was becoming both annoying and expensive. Plus, it won't be too long before she outgrows it. I could tell she was starting to have a hard time getting comfortable in there as well. When I'd strap her in and start to walk away, she'd tilt her head off to one side and squirm a bit to find a comfortable spot.
She wasn't too happy with me for the first nap, but I let her cry it out for five minutes, and that was all it took. She actually slept an hour and fifteen minutes for the first nap, and an hour and a half for the second...and she didn't make a peep!
This is an even greater success because I just know more teeth are ready to break through. Today at lunch, I gave her a Gerber biter biscuit, and she wailed with every bite. Eventually the pain subsided (after a dose of Motrin) and she started acting more like herself. She's still not completely up to par, as she spent a good part of the day with her little head on my shoulder. Although I know she was doing it because she was uncomfortable, it was the most precious thing. The more I "awwwed" at her, the more she'd do it...then look up at me and smile.
Other accomplishments this weekend included saying "Jesus"! It's a little botched and difficult to make out, but she's definitely saying it! My Dad had her looking at pictures yesterday, and they stumbled upon one my Mom took at the beach a few years ago. She had written "Jesus" in the sand and taken a picture. My Dad told Hannah what the picture said, and after a few prompts, she said it! I can't begin to try and spell what it sounds like from her, but it is so cute!
She is also walking with her walker...which I know is old news...but now we're able to let go and she isn't falling right over. This of course works best on the carpeting. It's not so safe on the hardwood or tile where she hits high speeds and wipes out. I snapped a few pictures tonight of the action. Unfortunately, they aren't the best quality pictures ever, and I'm not the best with photo editing just yet:

Daddy was following speedily behind to prevent a fall, so he's a little blurry.

Blurry but adorable!

This is the look of determination!

Daddy can always get her to smile! :)

I wasn't having much luck with picture quality without the flash.

Well, that's it for tonight! We're expecting roughly 6-10 more inches of snow (on top of the 21-22 inches that's already on the ground) tomorrow through Wednesday. I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm secretly hoping that school gets cancelled tomorrow or Thursday. It would be such a nice break for my Mom, and I'd love to have an extra day with Hannah this week. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.
Have a great night!

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  1. She is seriously cute! I love her little bow! Jax has that push toy and loves it too!!