Saturday, February 6, 2010

*Snowed in!*

Well, it's official! We're snowed in! This morning when Micah went out to attempt to shovel the driveway, we had 21 to 22 inches of snow! Although it's beautiful outside, it was quite a pain! Micah spent around six hours shoveling our driveway, and shoveling our road to assist a few cars that were stuck. Our municipal has yet to touch our road and it is now 4:15 in the afternoon. Currently there is a truck stuck right in front of our house, but I have forbade Micah from helping. He truly needs a rest. He's been complaining about how sore he is from all of the shoveling.
Hannah and I have been taking it easy today, enjoying time inside. We did manage to take her outside for a few minutes this morning and got a few pictures (with our old point and shoot camera) of her in the snow:

Micah shoveled a path in the driveway, so we had Hannah stand in it to show just how much snow we got!

This is a poor representation of how hysterical this actually was. Patrick made a dash for the backyard as usual, but got stuck half way up the hill. He pretty much bounced up and down until he packed down the snow enough to move onward. He eventually got the hang of it and pranced all through the yard!

I got a few pictures looking out our windows as well:

Looking out the side window. The snow collected on our window sills...

Looking out the front window toward the road...

Front yard...

Micah shoveled our driveway and a portion of the road. This should give you a good idea of how much snow is on our road!

And, a post wouldn't be complete without a few cute pics of my Hannah girl! She was enjoying some time with Daddy after he was done "playing" in the snow:

I managed to sneak a good "tooth shot"! She has two on the bottom, and several more on their way!

Well, that's about it for now. It's only quarter to five in the afternoon, but I'm sure we'll keep busy watching cars get stuck on the road. While typing this post, two more were stuck...right in front of our house. You'd think the municipal would at least tryto get up here!
Have a great evening, and stay warm! :)