Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're half way there...

It's Wednesday! Halfway through the work week...and almost to the weekend! Can you tell I live for the weekends? I work this Sunday, but it will still be nice to "sleep in" with Micah on Saturday and spend the day as a family!
Today was my day off and I had many plans: clean the house, vacuum, sweep, wash clothes, clean bathrooms, etc. However, Hannah was in a very disgruntled mood all day, so about 1/3 of the above list actually was accomplished.
It must be her teeth. She is happy one minute and crying the next. I know I held her for hours today, and she wasn't a cuddly baby!
On a good note, she started to "walk" a little better with her push toy. *pics to come!* She gets going so fast that she ends up face-planting. Walking while holding our hands works much better!
I've posted some pictures from the last few days below...enjoy!

Cheesin' in her walker

Just for the record, I was watching VERY closely! She was only playing with the balloon while I shot a few pictures...and then I deflated it.

One of the few smiles I got out of her today...less than a minute later, she was less than thrilled...

My poor Hanni...don't worry, I scooped her up and cuddled with her right after I snapped the picture.
Bedtime came promptly at 8:00. Micah helped get her into "bedtime mode" with a story...

Have a fantastic evening!


  1. Is that a balloon from Luke's party? I deflated all mine too, it made me so nervous!!! Luke tries to bite them too!!!

  2. Yes! Micah made me sooo nervous on the way home from your house...he tied it to her carseat. I think I had a stiff neck when we got home from trying to "crane" my neck to make sure she wasn't biting it!