Friday, February 5, 2010

Where have all the diapers gone?!?

Well, the impending snow storm, the "nor-easter" has hit. Looking outside, all I can see is white. Which is what leads me to the title of my post..."Where have all the diapers gone? I restocked the diaper "holder" and realized I am down to one sleeve of diapers! I know we just bought some!
There will be no venturing out tonight, as I think we have about four inches of snow...and it is to continue falling until tomorrow afternoon. It should make for an interesting weekend.

About an hour into the snow storm...looking out the front window.
Since we are pretty much snowed in, we enjoyed a quiet night at home. Hannah played in the dining room while I cleaned up from dinner and made dessert.

Not sure what this look is for...possibly the "get that camera out of my face" look?!

Patrick felt left out and decided to join in on the fun!

Micah taught Hannah how to bang on pots and pans...

Patrick has the right idea!

After several "laps" around the dining room table with her activity walker, it was time to wind down for bed. Micah showed Hannah all of the snow outside...

So now that Hannah is in bed, Micah and I are going to enjoy our "snowed in" night with a game of Scrabble and some popcorn. Stay warm and safe!

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  1. I love all these pictures, especially Hannah "yelling" , sooo funny!!! Patr
    ick, Micah and Hannah is an awesome pic too, they all are!!!!