Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So thankful.

So I just finished watching the Duggars. This episode was all about little Josie's unexpected early arrival. Unfortunately, our DVR didn't tape the episode on Sunday, so we had to wait until tonight to watch it.
The show was so touching. Baby Josie was born at just about 25 weeks gestation...weighing in at 1 lb 6 oz. Micah and I sat and cried. She is so tiny and helpless, and yet Jim Bob and Michelle thank God for her. Would I be able to thank God in that situation? I would hope so.
Over the last few days, I've tried to step back and look at everything we have. Our health, our beautiful daughter who is nothing short of perfect in every way, our home, our jobs, and knowing Jesus as our personal Savior. There is nothing more I could ask for. Things can be tough for us. It never seems as though there is enough time in the day or money in the bank. I am a self-proclaimed pessimist, but over the last few days, I know I need to change my way of thinking.
I need to praise God in EVERY situation, good or bad. I need to thank Him when we are all well and when everything looks bright and things are going my way. I also need to praise Him when we are sick, if the dog throws up, if Hannah doesn't sleep well and is fussy. No matter what is happening or what today has been like, or what tomorrow brings, He is the same. Yesterday, today, and always.
He has everything under control and He holds it all in His hands. He cares about what I care about.
After watching the Duggars tonight, I realize I need to thank Him for what I have. They are so thankful that their teeny, tiny baby is alive. My baby was born full term despite what the doctors had predicted. I thank God for His mercy in that situation.
I absolutely adore my daughter. She is my whole world. There is nothing she could ever do to make me stop loving her. There is nothing she could ever say to make me turn my back on her. I will never stop loving her. How much more does our Heavenly Father love us? I know it has been said a thousand times, but really, think about it!
There is a song called "How He Loves Us". I remember singing it in church and looking down at Hannah sleeping in my arms and thinking, He loves me more than I could ever love her. Wow. WOW!
I am posting a few of the lyrics below to sum up my post:

He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane I am a tree
bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy
When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me

And Oh! How He loves us so, oh how He loves us, how He loves us so
Yeah He loves us, Oh how He loves us, Oh how He loves!

So we are His portion and He is our prize drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes, if grace is an ocean we're all sinking! So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss and my heart turns violently inside of my chest! I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way that He loves us!

Have a great night! :O)


  1. We listened to this song at work, I remember, I love it.

  2. That is a very special entry you wrote.