Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Whip It.

Today I've decided that I must exercise. These last 20 pounds of pregnancy have decided to hang on for dear life. In a very last minute attempt to shed the unwanted pounds, I decided to do Tae Bo.
I made Micah dig through our DVD basket, then the TV cabinet in an attempt to find the 8-minute "supercharged" work out. When he finally pulled it out of the very far back of the cabinet and blew the dust off, I was ready.
Armed in my comfy PJ's with no tennis shoes or sports bra, (not a good idea when you're nursing, by the way) I popped the DVD in and convinced Micah to do the workout with me.
Eight minutes later, I was ready to call it quits. While I'm not in as poor shape as I originally thought, I have quite a ways to go before I'll be able to move onto the 30 or 60 minute workout. For now I feel accomplished and little squishy from the muscle fatigue. For right now, 8 minutes is probably all I'm going to fit into my day anyway.
And speaking of workouts, look who else is gettin' her groove on!
Sister's been holding her head up like a champ! We're not quite there...yet, but she's certainly getting close! These were definitely "Mommy" shots, so excuse the less than perfect picture quality. I liked them, so I kept them!

Hannah's been getting her daily workout as well. Although it makes me extremely nervous and is quite unsafe, Hannah insists on hanging haphazardly over our arm chair.
She knows that it makes me incredibly nervous, too.
See? She's got the hang-your-body-over-the-chair-to-make-Mom-nervous down pat. She knows she's cute, too. Gets to be a little dangerous at times.
This one knows she's cute, too.
Her bib says "Daddy's Princess". Fits her perfectly, since her name means "Princess". It's a good fit!
Right now we're living in the moment. Not thinking about the future, just living in today. I'm kind of liking this train of thought, because in two weeks, I go back to work...and my baby girl turns two.
I want to remember everything about this stage when I look back.
All the funny little things she's doing. Like talking to Grammy on the phone.
And playing in the living room basked in the golden sunlight.
Right now, this is life. I'm livin' in the moment.

And just for the record, living in the moment may also mean skipping out on a workout. ;)


  1. Rachel,
    I'm at work and just started browsing your blog...your babies are GORGEOUS! and your pictures are really awesome, I'm excited to see more! Did you ever get that Mac to upload your pics on?

  2. Thanks, Shayna! And no, we opted for another PC :( It's a little sad, but I just couldn't spend that much moolah on a computer! I'll live vicariously through your upgrade to a mac instead! :)