Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today I am simply thankful.

On a whim this morning, I got dressed, brushed on a drop of makeup and tossled my hair, kissing babies and a husband as I rushed out the door. I was headed to Target for a few necessities and I felt energized and motivated.
Despite the loss of an hour of sleep last night, staying up way past our bedtime, and hosting a houseful of visitors, I was awake and alive and ready to take on the world. I jumped in the Escape and blasted the Jesus Culture CD that's been in my CD player for several months. I just can't get enough of it.
Merging onto the highway, I picked up speed, swaying slowly to the vibrant beat. I felt free.
I wallowed in Target for a little more than an hour, trying on clothes, trying desperately to accept my new body after two babies. I decided I'd had enough of the full-length dressing room mirror and moved onto picture frames and baby shoes and crayon sets and birthday cards. It was peaceful and enjoyable, but I missed my babies and I was ready to head home.
In the car, I resorted to my CD, blasting the tunes once again and dancing to the uplifting song..."I don't want to talk about You, like You're not in the room, I want to look right at You, I want to sing right to You...
And I began to think. There at the redlight near Toys 'R Us, cars scurrying by, song playing. I am so blessed.
I've said it before, but today it just hit me really hard. I have everything I need. We are healthy and vibrant. We are financially stable. Micah and I are totally and completely in love and I'm secure in knowing that we will always be...that this will never change. My girls are both perfect. They are healthy and thriving and perfect. And I love them. I love them so much.

Last night, we hosted a FHGI (check them out here ) meeting at our home. It was amazing to feel His presence as we sang and prayed. It was revitalizing and rejuvenating, and refreshing. His love for us is so amazing, yet I so often forget. I forget to be thankful for the little things. Today I remembered, and it was so sweet.
I don't even know where to go from here. I'm still overwhelmed by His blessings. Today, His peace is overwhelming and I'm taken aback by His blessings. He has blessed our family so abundantly...

...and I am so thankful.

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